A Perfect Bath with Light and Scent*

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*Ad | Disclaimer: this is a paid collaboration with the lovely team at Light and Scent. However, all thoughts about the products are my own.

What would you consider a perfect bath?

To have the perfect bath, I believe it should include:

  • A bath bomb that soothes my skin
  • Candles and wax melts
  • A calming playlist
  • Face mask

I also believe baths are better in the evening. Evenings are a perfect opportunity to recharge ourselves. Beverage? Tick! Choice of film or TV show? Confirmed! Self care? Bingo! But evenings like these are more important now we are in Lockdown 3.0 and we have early dark evenings. Whilst this is the case, this should not stop us seeking our sunshine.

Wonderfully, Light and Scent offer the perfect products to help create this; from bath bombs to candles. Light and Scent are located on Humber Street, Hull but their products are also available online – so whether you are local or not, you can have these treats arrive to your doorstep!

What did I order?

I ordered three items from Light and Scent; a bath bomb, wax melts and a massage bar. Below, the links to the products are in the headers with a summary of my thoughts on these (spoiler alert: I loved them all!)

Over The Rainbow Bath Blaster

Over The Rainbow Bath Blaster: Available at Light and Scent

Time to click your heels and hop in the bath to take you over the rainbow. This little bath bomb (or blaster) creates a light blue colour amongst the white fizz. If you’re not a fan of scented bath bombs, then this is perfect for you. Its ingredients help soothed and softened my skin: which, especially during winter CRAVES moisture!

Cloud 9 Massage Bar

Cloud 9 Massage Bar: Available from Light and Scent

This little bar packs lots of moisture and will leave you feeling like you are on cloud nine! Once you have had a little scrub, lock in your soft skin by massaging yourself with this bar, especially across your shoulders and arms.

Little Hottie Wax Melts (Cherry Kiss and Lavender)

Little Hottie Wax Melts: Available from Light and Scent

I love the smell of lavender when I’m getting ready for bed or want to unwind. It helps me feel at ease and reminds me of my childhood. But I also love the scent of Cherry – my favourite fruit – especially as a pick me up! The Little Hottie Wax Melts comes in a box of 10 wax melts, which you can choose two flavours from 18 different scents; ranging from Aloe to Mango. The scents are not too heavy but will still make your room, or bathroom, smell wonderful!

Needless to say I had, what I consider, the perfect bath! Now to sit with a glass of red wine and watch Bridgeton. I am expecting some modest gasps according to reviews of its saucy scenes!

In the meantime, check out the wonderful products that are available via Light and Scent’s website: www.lightandscent.co.uk.

Thank you to Light and Scents and Violet Glenton for the collab opportunity!

What’s your perfect evening?

Until next time,

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