Breaking into New Shoes – A Pinterest Hack

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Disclaimer: This is a blog post from 2015 archived from my previous blog – The Pin Picker. Sadly I lost the original images but the hack in itself still remains and is something I use regularly.

New shoes – they can be so pretty but sometimes they can REALLY hurt.

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I bought some shoes from New Look, as a little treat to me. But when I first started to put them on a few days later and headed into town to do some errands, I was left with blisters and very sore feet. Oh woe is me…

I wanted to wear them for work but I couldn’t bear the pain. Thankfully, Pinterest has come to my rescue!

I had found a post with a tip on breaking into new shoes with the use of a hairdryer and thick socks.
(Update: Sadly (and annoyingly) the original blog post has since disappeared and the link took me to a BBC Lifestyle article which had nothing to do with the topic…)

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All you simply have to do, is wear the shoes while wearing thick socks, and blast the hair dryer on them for around 5 minutes. Then, take the socks off and wear the shoes in while walking round the house. Repeat if necessary.

I noticed a big difference when I put them on. For one, my toes weren’t being pinched and the heel wasn’t being scratched! Now I can wear these without crying in pain!

Even years later after doing this, I wear my shoes to work on a regular basis and they are so comfortable. Now, every time I speak to someone and they’re struggling with their shoes, I give them this tip.

What pinterest hack has helped you with shoes?

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