Locally Glamping in East Yorkshire

Cloudy skies and green fields cast a background for a single landpod, with a picnic bench in front for the comfort of visitors to have their food.
Goxhill Meadows: one of the landpods that are available for guests.

Disclaimer: This is not an ad, but merely a post on how much I loved my first experience of glamping locally at a East Yorkshire site!

Though restrictions seem to be lifting, we cannot go abroad without some limitations just yet. But a stay-cation; especially one locally to us, was not a bad shout! J and I decided to go glamping at Goxhill Meadows last weekend and it was VERY much needed!

Goxhill, East Yorkshire, is a Hamlet close by to Hornsea and yet surrounded by fields of countryside. But this treasure of a site is situated perfectly to the Transpennine Trail and less than 10 minutes to drive to the beach. Not to mention, on the site itself it hosts a range of adorable animals and three comfortable landpods. Goxhill Meadows is a perfect getaway for families; but also for couples or those who just want a break from life!

We booked two nights away, with the plan to drive back to Hull on Monday morning and for me to go straight back to work (aka being at my laptop!). But that was okay – plenty of time to recharge our batteries and take in the local view! As an added bonus, it was just us on the site so we were able to spend time with each other.

The corner of a green horsebox (which has been converted into a kitchen) with painted artwork of 'Goxhill Meadows', covered in flowers
Artwork of Goxhill Meadows painted on the side of the kitchen horsebox

Day One

On our first day, the weather was not kind to us! Heavy rain throughout the day, but it didn’t put us off. We made sure we had our waterproofs, wellies and plenty of blankets for the landpod. When we arrived to Goxhill Meadows, Fizz (the adorable yet soaked farm dog) ran up to the gate as I went to open it and immediately I was in love! Jayne came over to greet us and show us around the site and facilities. Even with heavy rain, we felt warmly welcomed by her. As an added bonus, we had homemade gin, crab-apple jam, marshmallows and popcorn waiting for us on the table in our landpod.

Once we brought all our bags etc. to the landpod, we waited for the worst of the rain. This was mainly me looking out the window admiring the sheep, lambs and alpacas while J fell asleep! Eventually, we decided regardless of the rain and headed to Hornsea and have classic Whiteheads fish and chips by the sea (aka; in the car). Such a British thing to do!

Side note: Don’t worry Kofi Smiles – there was no cup of tea in sight!

Pattie and chips, with mushy peas, in a black and white striped cardboard box, placed on the dashboard of the car. The window has rain droplets running down with a faint background of the sea crashing onto the sand.

When we arrived back, there was an opportunity in the break of weather. So with wine and nibbles, we (meaning J) made a fire and relaxed into the evening. We managed to get showered and back in our landpod just in time for another spell of rain where we relaxed on the double bed and watched the beautiful alpacas; Boggis, Bunce and Bean, graze in the field, before drifting off to sleep.

Three alpacas grazing the grass. From left, dark brown, light brown and white (with it's head up). Not sure which is which!
Boggis, Bunce and Bean

Day Two

After a really good night sleep (we were warm and cosy throughout the night), we woke up to beautiful sunshine; complete opposite of the rain we had! In the morning, we had cooked breakfast and enjoyed our sarnies and brew watching the sheep nurture the lambs, and the alpacas continue to graze. A quick freshen up and we were prepared for the day.

The transpennine trail; from Hull to Hornsea. A pathway with greenery surroundings.
The Transpennine Trail

Later on, we went for a walk to Great Hatfield, which along the Transpennine Trail is 1.2 miles from the site. A fun fact about Great Hatfield is that this was the village my great grandparents first met! The aim of the walk was not only to take in the beautiful scenery, but to get to a pub! Thankfully, we found a nice pub and had some homemade dinner and a drink (or two) before heading back. All day, the sun was shining on us with a gentle breeze and a warm feel to the day. On our return, Jayne had left us some homemade cake and fresh eggs from the chickens – this kindness made me feel so happy!

We relaxed in the field for a while; maybe for me I was in it too long as I ended up getting sunburn! But no sunburn was going to stop me from hanging out with Pickle, Pumpkin and Patch; the pygmy goats. Because of the rain, we only briefly saw them in their indoor area, so when I heard them outside I went other to their pen to see them. You can only imagine my joy when Jayne said we could hang out with them!

That evening, as the sun was setting, we lit up another fire and attempted to pop some popcorn. Sadly they were slightly burnt! However, we still had marshmallows and nibbles while sipping on the homemade Blueberry gin and Rhubarb and Ginger gin.


I really didn’t want to leave; but I felt rested and ready to start the week. After having another cooked breakfast, we were ready to go. Jayne came by to say goodbye and, if I’m honest, I really wanted to give her a hug! Jayne and her family were accommodating, kind and just wonderful people. Fizz came by as we were leaving and wouldn’t let us go without a belly rub!

Fizz, the farm dog, wanted a belly rub before we left!

Both J and I have said we are going back again; either just the two of us again, or with friends. The site is not only peaceful and beautiful, but it’s also eco-friendly and spacious! If you went with friends, and you wanted some ‘you time’ – you could do exactly that.

As I said, this is not an ad; but any given opportunity I have talked about it to anyone and everyone. I’m a local girl, and sometimes staying local and discovering new parts of the area is just as good as going abroad, which I have done a fair few times. This was also the first time I was glamping too; so to locally glamp was fantastic.

In the background, a church tower appears among the trees with the foreground showing a field with sheep grazing within a fence. A landpod looking over the sheep. In front of the landpod, there is a canopy to keep us dry if we were having dinner outside.
Our landpod was opposite the sheep, lamps and the alpacas!

If you are interested in booking, check out the website and the socials below; they also offer packages such as food hampers and animal experience days!

Have you been glamping before?

Until next time,

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