Glasses vs Contacts

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It has been over a year since I made the transition of wearing glasses to contact lenses.

Prior to this, I could not stand the thought of poking myself in the eye – this caused a lot of anxiety! But I also could not stand the fact that my glasses would slip off my nose.

The reason I ended up trying for contact lenses was for a friend’s wedding that I was a Bridesmaid for. I didn’t want to wear my specs on the day so had a free contact lens trial at Boots Opticians – and that was the start of a beautiful relationship!

Though I’m now on the contacts side of the debate, both contacts and glasses both have pros and cons. So in this post, I thought I would share with you my personal pros and cons.

Glasses – Pros

  • You can pick from as many designs as you wish and change it up each day.
  • They are so easy to put on first thing in the morning and take off as you go to bed.
  • Anyone who wears glasses look either a.) adorable, b.) smart, or c.) both!
  • You can save money by investing in a pair or two and not have to worry about future costs.
  • You can also get sunglasses with your prescription.
  • The perfect back up if you can’t be bothered to wear contact lenses!

Glasses – Cons

  • You have to clean them – all the time! And if you get a scratch in your lens, it will drive you insane.
  • Not always suitable for wet weather or walking into the warmth from cold.
  • They slip off your nose or head. Which can get very annoying.
  • After wearing contacts for a while, you cannot get used to the little window frame around your eyes!
  • You can’t get a cheap pair of sunglasses from Primark unless you’re willing to wander around blind.
  • Unless you’ve invested in the anti-glare lens – all your pictures will come out like you have no eyes.
  • You will lose them – even if they are on your head!

Contacts – Pros

  • It allows more flexibility in outfits and accessories – including sunglasses.
  • You can wear more eye make up without hiding behind glasses. Hello smokey eyes!
  • You don’t have to keep budging your glasses up your nose anymore… because you’re not wearing them!
  • Rain, wind, snow – whatever the weather. You won’t have to keep wiping your eyes (unless the rain is actually getting IN your eyes…).
  • Once you’ve practiced enough – they become so easy to pop in and take out.

Contacts – Cons

  • Sometimes it may take longer to put them in your eyes – depending on how tired you are.
  • It is the worst when they split – especially if they do this while in your eye!
  • If a contact lens pops out – you’re walking around like a pirate.
  • If you have to wear dailies (like I do) – then the amount of rubbish just builds up!
  • Nap time is lethal – I will guarantee you will wake up with dry eyes and instant regret if you fall asleep with them in.
  • The cost of them can add up – and if one pair splits then you’re more bitter towards them.

Everyone will have their own preferences to either contacts or glasses. And if you’re thinking about making the transition to contacts – then you can take these points into consideration.

Are you team glasses or team contacts? Comment below!

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