How I Accidentally Went Viral On Twitter

It Is What It Is

With one of my latest post on Twitter reaching 6000 likes, I thought I would share my bizarre experience with you!

If you have no clue what Love Island is, or it’s something you avoid, Love Island is an ITV 2 show of a group of singletons living it up in a Villa. Their aim is to couple up and ‘crack on’ with someone to be in with the chance to win £50,000.

Let’s set the scene

Tea and phone

You’re watching Love Island, with a cup of tea in one hand and your phone in the other. The show is mainly noise in the background, because you love reading the hilarious tweets under the hashtag #LoveIsland.

Like. Retweet. Giggle. Continue watching the show.

That’s usually my routine when watching Love Island. I don’t care how trashy the show is, it’s a guilty pleasure of mine and it’s a nice distraction from what is usually a hectic day.

To give you a bit of background of the origin of the infamous tweet, the girls go into the Villa first before each guy enters one by one. At this point, the coupling occurs, and the girls are asked to step forward if they’re interested in the guy in question.

Anton, who already gives me the creeps, had just had a video clip shown of him bragging about his “wandering eye” and never can stay committed. So when he entered the Villa, the girls were asked to step forward if they fancied Anton.

I chuckled and put my phone down after sending the tweet before continuing to watch the show. At the same time, I had just been talking to Violet about Love Island on WhatsApp.

Three minutes later, my phone was buzzing so I assumed it was Violet. And how wrong was I?!

At this point, the tweet had already hit 1,000 likes. And now it’s at 6,000 with 1,000 retweets.

What the hell?!

The last time a tweet of mine went “viral” was when RuPaul retweeted a picture of me wearing a Primark t-shirt (twice) and I had under 200 likes each.

Amy also had an experience where her #PepperGate tweet went viral – though that involved some trolls!

Since tweeting it, I have gone through the various emotions about it:

  • Shock
  • Hysterical laughter
  • Disbelief
  • Confidence
  • Irritated (especially when your phone keeps buzzing!)
  • Bored

Quite a few people who I’ve told about this have suggested using it as a way of promoting something – but here’s the truth. No one cares about you other than that one tweet you’ve sent. I haven’t seen an increase of followers (perhaps two?!), and the likelihood of them reading the replies on the tweet is slim. But I’m also guilty of this – if I retweet a tweet I’ve found hilarious, I don’t check the profile out. Occasionally I’ll read the responses but only if it has started out as a thread. In essence, I can’t blame others for not doing the same.

Realistically, do I really want to be known as the blogger who tweeted a funny gif when Love Island was on?

Not particularly.

Drinking tea and watching Love Island

However, this tweet does not define me and eventually it will become a thing of a memory. It will fade into the background and people won’t remember me for posting it. Just the humorous gif of Homer Simpson backing away from Anton from Love Island, like the rest of the UK will when he comes out of the Villa.

I know I’m not the only person in this situation. Admittedly, it can feel pretty lonely because people are more bothered about the tweet than me as a person. So here’s a message for those who may have found themselves in the same position as me today:

If Twitter was like newspapers, we’ll be eating our fish and chips off them by tomorrow. If you firmly believe it, and it is something you would wear as a t-shirt, then be proud of it.

Oh… and don’t consider dating someone like Anton. Believe me… I’ve made that mistake!

Have you had an unexpected reaction from a social media post? Share in the comments below!

Until next time,

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