How to “Hinch” and be Eco-Friendly

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This blog post has been written for The Eco-Shed.

There are currently two hot topics aside from Brexit that have been all over social media;

Being eco-friendly and Mrs. Hinch.

Becoming eco-friendly is one way of helping the planet, while ‘hinching’ your home probably has helped you with falling back in love with cleaning.

But what about putting the two together?

The products that Mrs. Hinch uses may not always seem eco-friendly, but in actual fact there’s ways that she is being eco-friendly – more than we give her credit for.

For starters, using white vinegar is non-toxic and can cut through grime and gives surfaces, such as windows, a nice shine. Not only does Mrs. Hinch use white vinegar based products, but she also uses bicarbonate of soda and soda crystals.

She also uses cloths, such as Kermit and Minky, and regularly reuses them, to clean her surfaces rather than multiples of wet wipes and binning them after one use.

However, rather than purchasing multiple bottles and building up the use of plastic, there are ways of creating your own DIY products which not only does the job as good as the product, but saves you lots of pennies too!

What does Mrs. Hinch use?

These are the ones that Mrs. Hinch uses on a regular basis, and if you watch her Insta-stories, you’ll see how they’re used etc.

Admittedly, some of these items can duplicate thus increasing the use of plastic. Some of these products are high in toxins and not to mention the cost of replacing these on a regular basis!

A lot of these can be replaced with alternatives which are a.) kinder to the environment, b.) easier to replace and c.) creates more space for your Narnia!

What are the alternatives?

A lot of these products can be made with the ingredients you may have already in your cupboards. But DIY products can be made on the cheap and still be as effective as the products used by Mrs. Hinch.

Not only are you saving money and helping the environment, but you are also allowing more space. So if you want your own Hinch Narnia – at least you can have the space no matter how small your kitchen cupboards are!

In addition, there are other ways you can hinch around the house and help the environment:

  • Hang your clothes outside to dry – unless it’s raining!
  • Alter your thermostat or heating.
  • Recycle – you can make ecobricks with the plastic that cannot be recycled.
  • Shorter showers – or buy a water saving shower head.
  • Replace your light bulbs with LED lights.
  • Use soy-based candles and waxes.

Here’s a video I did with BBC No Filter based on this blog post!

What other eco-friendly hinching tips do you have? Comment below!

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