How to Love Yourself on Valentine’s Day

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In this post, we’re going to look at ways that you can love yourself, even if you haven’t received thousands of Valentine cards from secret admirers – don’t all rush at once!!

I’ve been single for coming up three years, and while it would be nice to have some company, I have also learnt a lot about loving myself as a person. I would be lying if I said Valentine’s Day is not a sore reminder that you’re single. But having said that, my previous relationships haven’t seen great Valentine’s Days…

I once wrote on my old blog about what I think the true meaning of Valentine’s Day is:

Valentine’s Day isn’t always about being in a relationship. Love is about caring for others no matter who they are. Friends, family, pets etc; most importantly, it’s also about loving yourself too. Sure it’s nice for some random flowers and cards turning up mysteriously, and it’s good to be appreciated by someone else – but it’s good to also love yourself.

In the famous words of RuPaul

If you can’t love yourself, then how the hell can you love anyone else?!

When you think about it, loving yourself is quite hard! We’re so used to beating ourselves up, and questioning what others think – but if you’re happy the way that you are, then that is the most important thing of all. Everyone has opinions, and different ones at that. But if you’re happy, then go for it.

There are many ways to love yourself, but I compiled a list that makes me feel good about myself. More so, I love doing these on Valentine’s Day as a little treat to remind me that I am really worth it!

Recharge yourself

  • Get a hot bath or shower.
  • Lavish yourself in Lush products (Sleepy and anything with Lavender in is my go to).
  • Moisturise your skin and deep condition your hair.
  • Get into some clean PJs/lazy day clothes.
  • Put a face mask on.
  • Light those candles.
  • Snuggle up into a blanket.
  • Put your phone on “Do Not Disturb”.
  • Put some relaxing music on.
  • Start, or continue, reading a book.
  • If you’re not into reading, get creative!
  • Alternatively, put Netflix or Amazon Prime on and binge those shows you’ve been meaning to watch.
  • Grab a drink (Tea or Prosecco – we’re not judging!).
  • Think about you – not about what’s going to happen tomorrow, or about that email – if you’re worried, just write a list then put it away.

It’s the little things that goes a long way

  • Give your home the once over – whether it’s just plumping the cushions to wiping the surfaces down.
  • Buy yourself some flowers.
  • Treat yo’self – order yourself a takeaway or do some online shopping.
  • Take 5 minutes out of your day to take a breather – go for a walk or look away from those pesky screens!
  • Take the scenic route rather than the usual A to B route – although add in extra time to really appreciate the scenery.
  • Give yourself a pat on the back for completing a task.
  • Smile at people – smiles are infectious and it’s always nice to see someone smile back (even if they do look a bit confused because they have no idea of who you are!).
  • Get into a morning routine – stop snoozing that alarm and actually get out of bed to make a brew or hop into the shower – you’ll thank me later.
  • Say thank you more.

Appreciate yourself

  • Look at positive influences – in today’s society we want to look like Kim Kardashian or get ourselves into a size 6, but actually we need to really appreciate ourselves and look beyond “perfection”. A perfect example is the lovely Milly from @selfloveclubb who is honest with body imagery, mental health and taking the time to really appreciate yourself as a human being.
  • Write down your achievements and your goals – even if it is the little wins like getting out the house when you really didn’t want to – remember to give yourself a pat on the back!
  • Read a self-help book or start a journal.
  • Rest – you’re a human being and not a robot. Trust me – you’ll thank me later (again).
  • If something doesn’t feel right to you – then don’t do it. We all face challenges but we also have a limit ourselves. If it’s really making you uncomfortable and not challenging for the right reasons, then it’s ok to say no.

Challenge yourself

  • Write an Impossible List – it’s different to a bucket list, but you’re setting yourself new goals and marking down when you’ve achieved them and what the next step is.
  • Get into a new hobby – knitting, cross-stitch, guitar, cooking, running… the world is your oyster!
  • Do a puzzle or crossword every once in a while.
  • Set yourself a challenge at work or home – remember that if it gets to the point that it doesn’t feel right, then you can say no. Don’t beat yourself up about it.

Let’s Get Physically Pumped

  • Exercise – get into a routine that you’re happy with and targets the parts you want to work on.
  • Practice yoga.
  • Walk more.
  • Get enough sleep – if you suffer with broken sleep like I do, then take that into account when setting a bedtime routine. It could be having a journal next to your bed to write random thoughts down, or learning to not take electronic devices into the bedroom.
  • Keep hydrated – if you’re bored of water, there’s alternatives ways such as fruit tea and low sugar drinks.
  • Try and eat healthily – we all get cravings (especially chocolate or crappy food) but even if it’s starting off with a healthy breakfast or ending with a health dinner – it takes time!
  • Look at changing something around in your home – either the layout of the room or decluttering that wardrobe!

We’re all in this together

  • Make time for friends and family – even if it’s a phone call or popping round for a cup of tea. They’ll really appreciate it and so will you.
  • Worried? Not sure you made the right choice? Talk to someone you trust. They’ll talk it through with you – and probably end up making you smile or laugh.
  • Cut out the toxicity – unfortunately there will be people out there who may add some toxicity to life. But it’s ok to take a break from them, or walk away.
  • Join in a Twitter chat! There’s loads of hashtags that other twitter users use at set times to have a conversation and make friends – for example:
  • Volunteer – nothing is more rewarding than seeing someone smile by helping them.
  • Have a night with your friends – get a film on, put some face masks on and just relax!

Why not add on the comments below your tips for self love?

Until next time,

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