Personalised Socks from PrintsField (Review)

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Disclaimer: These personalised socks were gifted in exchange for a blog post and posts on Instagram. However these are all my personal views and not of PrintsField.

While we’re in Lockdown, sometimes we need a bit of a pick-me-up. From donut deliveries to surprise orders from your Amazon Wishlist, it’s giving us all the lovely feels! Recently, PrintsField contacted me to review a pair of personal socks on a gifted exchange. You can only imagine my excitement!

PrintsField do personalised photo gifts from socks to pants! Whether you want to have your bestie on your journal, or have your pet on your laptop sleeve, the options are unlimited.

The difficult part in all of this was choosing who to have on my socks. At this point, it’s still early days for me and Jack, so I’m not sure how he would react if I had his face on my underwear. As far as dogs go, I may not have one personally but I have tons to choose from.

I ended up going for my four legged buddy, Oscar (Violet‘s dog) on a pair of personal socks. You may recognise him from my IG stories when I’m looking after him on occasions. He’s my little grumpy buddy, who loves cuddling up on the sofa and in bed, and gets excited when I walk through the door.

What’s the process?

It’s simple;

  • You choose the product
  • Choose a photo with your friend or pet facing the camera
  • Choose a funky design
  • Then click confirm and the lovely folks at PrintsField will work their magic.

Within a couple of weeks, the postie delivered through my letterbox and I was over the moon with them!

The quality is great and they were big enough to keep my feet warm as I worked away on my Dissertation! For the price you’re paying, it’s worth it for the quality of the material and the image printed.

At least I know that while Oscar isn’t chilling at mine, he’s just chilling on my feet! Check out more of PrintsFields products:

What personalised product would you get from PrintsField?

Until next time,

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