Reading my Stars with Pandora

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Pandora bracelet sat on a box with the birth stone charm and zodiac star sign charm. In the background, a Pandora bag is on a wooden table.
Disclaimer: This is a blog post from a star aligned press event I was invited to on 12/03/2020, where I was gifted some items from Pandora’s latest collection of their Birthstones and Zodiac. However this post is my own views and not the views of Pandora.

“The stars we look up to reflect what’s within us”

Whether you are a believer in horoscopes or not, you have to admit, the art of star signs and zodiacs are admirable. Personally, I’m an agnostic when it comes to my horoscopes – sometimes I can relate to how I’m feeling, particularly when my anxiety is sky high, and sometimes I think it’s far off who I am as a person.

But this doesn’t stop me reading my horoscope regularly, and admire the star consolations, particularly on a clear night.

In case you’re wondering what my birth signs and zodiacs are:

  • Birth stone: Garnet (January)
  • Star sign: Capricorn
  • Birth flower: Carnation
  • Chinese year: Year of the Horse
  • Life number: One – the Leader

This month, I was invited, alongside Violet, to Pandora’s press event in Leeds to celebrate the release of their latest collection of birth stones and Zodiac Charms.

The venue, Lost & Found on Greek Street, took us down a set of stairs where we were greeted by content creators, bloggers and the team from Pandora. You can imagine with any get together, there was tasty food and drinks (though Violet and I had been in Wagamama’s earlier and also ate our body weight in Pretzel bites in Trinity!)

Photobooth strip with the charms and bracelets from Pandora in the background.

As well as a photo booth – which we definitely made use of – we were able to see the charms, as well as have our stars read by Francesca Oddie, an astrologist.

What do my stars say?

Francesca giving Violet a reading on her stars

I’ve had readings before when I was first in Italy but they were based on Tarots and Handwriting. In addition, at the time I was very vulnerable and probably read too much into them. But in my reading with Francesca, a lot came out which hit home. The key highlights of these were:

  • Though my life number is One, a Leader, I’m a very kind person. I put others before me while affirming rules.
  • The eternal student and eternal teacher demonstrate that Education is a key focus in my life. Given my work is Education and my MA is coming to an end, that’s spot on!
  • 2016 was a rough year according to my stars. You can bet on that! But in comparison with the world’s alignments of 12th March – there’s not much difference! So if I survived 2016, it is possible we can survive what 2020 is currently throwing at us!

It was really insightful, and I would say that I haven’t stopped thinking about it since the event. It does put a lot in perspective… but I guess I should take it one day at a time.

At the end of the event, we were given a gift bag which contained a Pandora bracelet. With the bracelet, was my January Birthstone and Zodiac charm of Capricorn.

Pandora bracelet on a white box

In summary, it was a lovely event to attend and made us forget momentarily what was happening outside of the space. Which, given the current circumstances, it was definitely needed.

Thank you Pandora and the organisers for inviting me and Violet along. We had a great time and I love my bracelet.

Until next time,


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    Looks great. We went to Leeds for the first time in years and we loved trinity, far to much food though 😂

    23 March 2020 at 1:02 pm
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