Rebrand: From The Pin Picker to Emma Picks

After around four or five years of blogging, it’s time for a rebrand

Admittedly, it was due to not being able to access my previous site. It’s a looooooong story. However, I could sit and cry over the fact I’ve lost all my posts OR use it as an opportunity to rebrand and start fresh.

I started The Pin Picker as a hobby however hiding behind a nameless person wasn’t really helping me get my identity out. Having people point to you and say “Oh… YOU’RE the Pin Picker” gets a little bit weird eventually. But I wanted to keep the principle of picking pins from Pinterest out and trying anything. So it’s a lifestyle blog with a bit of everything in.

I also think The Pin Picker was quite restrictive on reflection, while Emma Picks could be anything!

So here we are – the first post as “Emma Picks”! 

I can still access my old posts but not edit them, so I’ll be taking some of my favourites and reposting on here – but let’s look forward to new adventures, new experiences and new blog entries!

You can follow me on social media (luckily I haven’t lost my followers – good job I can change the name!):

I couldn’t have done this without my amazing web wizard friend, Axel who did everything he could! We had a great time doing it with takeaway, red wine and Big Mouth playing in the background!

Over the next couple of days I’ll be tweaking the website so it’s all under construction – but it’ll be all tidy soon!

In the meantime, thank you for your continued support and let’s get started!

13 October 2018
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