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Note: This is a review in exchange for a gifted item from Flux Undies. This post is my own individual views but will also be an #ad to promote Flux Undies.


That ‘time of the month’ has just become easier to deal with!

Mother Nature – she’s a funny one isn’t she? Every female has different encounters with her especially when it comes to periods.

In regards to my relationship with Mother Nature, it’s an interesting one. You see, when I first started having periods – it was THE WORST. Pains, heavy flows and a lot of emotions. But when I had my implant inserted, it varied month by month. Sometimes I did not have a period for months on end, and sometimes I would have the symptoms for a whole month before having my period eventually come on.

Erol Ahmed – Unsplash

There’s a lot of facts about periods that we don’t always discuss. For instance:

  • Bloody Good Period highlight that in an average lifetime, women will pay out £4,800 due to periods. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford these supplies despite it being a necessity.
  • The average woman will have 400 periods in her life according to this scientific journal.
  • We lose about 60 milliliters, or 2.7 ounces, of blood during each period according to PubMed Health.
  • Borowski explains in her report that women can use up to 15,000 period products in our lives.

That last fact really hits home – especially as we’re now looking at ways of becoming more eco-friendly. You can get products that use less plastic – but you’re still disposing and spending ALOT!

Especially if you’re irregular like myself. When it comes to sanitary products – it’s a nightmare. I could stock up, but then I won’t need them for a while. Or I could get caught short of it while I’m out and about and not be prepared.

So when Flux Undies were looking for women to try their pants…. I couldn’t resist!

What is Flux Undies?

Flux Undies was founded by Paige who was, understandably, fed up with being nervous of leaks, uncomfortable products and wanted to do some good.

“Our founder Paige hit the drawing board, and after endless
research and testing, FLUX was born in 2017. 
A three-layer dreamy fabric combo that wicks 
moisture, absorbs fluid, and prevents leaks. 
All built-in to a super soft pair of underwear. 
Five styles. Two colours. Seven sizes. “

Flux Undies – About Us

Day One of using the ‘Period Pants’


I put the pants on as I got dressed ready to go to work. Initially, I thought the thick part of the pad would feel like I’m wearing an adult diaper, which can be similar to wearing a pad. But it didn’t!

I was impressed by how comfortable they were, and admittedly I felt REALLY body positive in them as I’m posing in front of the mirror in my room.

My job is one of those where I can be up and down at my desk, and running around doing bits and bobs. There have been ‘incidents’ where I’ve been stuck talking to someone when I’m having a real issue with a tampon or pad. Which I would never recommend.

But wearing these pants throughout the day made me forget I was on my period. Admittedly, the first couple of times I had to check my chair to make sure there was no leakage, and felt conscious in case they seeped through the front of my tights. But hurrah – there were none!

Even going to toilet was a breeze. After my stealthy actions of getting a tampon or pad out of the bag in the office without anyone knowing, I am then fighting with myself in a small cubicle, whilst being paranoid someone hears me unwrapping. Which, given we’re in the women’s toilets, feels weird to even be anxious about! But I don’t think I’ve ever walked out of the toilets with a big grin on my face while I’m on either.

Continuing to use the Period Pants

I only had one pair to try on, so that night when I returned home, I put them on a cold wash then hung them in my house to dry overnight. Ok, so doing a wash every day is probably not as eco-friendly – but I wasn’t going to wear one pair of pants in a week and not clean them!

Admittedly, there have been times I’ve gone home and didn’t want to mess around with the washer machine just to wash one pair of pants. I think if this is something you’re considering, buy multiple pants!

But now I’ve tried these pants, I want to purchase more and cut down massively on using products. The bonus about these pants is they’re not just for period days. They can help with discharge, sweat and other leaks. Plus, if you’ve just had a baby, these pants can also help you during postpartum*.

*I do not have any kids, but based on hearing about my friends’ experiences, I think these could help!

Questions you may have about Flux Undies

Do they smell during the day?

No – the material have natural antimicrobial particles which stops the smell from coming through, but still being breathable. At first, I was paranoid about the smell, but throughout the day I didn’t catch that awkward whiff! Plus as I washed them each night, it also kept them fresh.

Don’t you even feel damp/wet?

Again – no. Sure, you feel that moment when you’re bleeding (I hate it personally) but because of the layers in the material, it keeps it dry. Plus, it is designed to hold 4 tampons worth!

Here’s how the magic works (source: Flux Undies)

Flux Undies – How does it work?

Won’t they stain your pants?

Admittedly I went with the black ones to hide any stains – though when looking on the website, I did find that regardless of whether you went with nude or black, the lining inside is black!

How much are the pants?

They vary from £26 to £28. Standard shipping in the UK is free and dispatch between one to two days. If you want them quicker, there is express shipping which is £3.95.

You may think pants at £30 is extortionate, but when you work out the maths, each pack of tampons (such as Tampax) are around £3.50 for a pack of 18, times that over 12 months and that’s £42. So it’s actually cheaper and more eco-friendly to use these!

More questions about Flux Undies can be found here.



For someone who is actively on the go, fed up of leaks and battling with tampons, I love Flux Undies. I feel comfortable throughout the day and not as conscious about leaking on a chair, or grabbing a tampon out of the bag.

A lot of my friends have been curious with this, and based on my experience they are considering converting to them.

I would recommend buying a few pairs so you’re not constantly washing the same pair every night, but to be honest you could wear these on a daily basis when you are not on your cycle because they’re so comfortable!

Thank you Flux Undies!

Have you tried anything like these out? Or other alternatives? Let me know your thoughts!

Until next time,

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