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Disclaimer: This review is in exchange of a free sample of the Reef Safe Sun Lotion, for me to try and provide honest feedback.

The sun is out and you’re ready to head to head out and enjoy that Vitamin D. Have you got everything?

  • Sunglasses? Check!
  • Picnic? Check!
  • Blanket? Check!
  • Sun lotion which is organic and ocean friendly? Hmm…

Now we have an awareness of how much we need to do to protect our planet, there are a lot of things we can start swapping and become more eco-friendly. Your sun lotion is one of them.

The lovely people at Green People sent me through one of their latest products, Scent Free and Reef Safe Sun Lotion. Green People products are all organic. Not only look after yourself, but also the environment – from the ingredients to the packaging! The below is from their press release:

New Sustainable Packaging

With ethical viability at the heart of its brand Green People’s award-winning sun lotions are re-launched in renewable sugar cane packaging.  Farmed on sustainable land, this carbon-neutral raw material captures CO2 so efficiently that for every 1kg produced, over 3kgs of CO2 is removed from the air.

New Easy-wear Formula

Get smooth, fuss-free application with Green People’s new-formulation ‘soft-touch’ lotions. The creamy blend of plant actives and soothing botanicals absorbs easily, feeling smooth and comforting on the skin. No greasiness, just feel-good sun protection.

Reef Safe & Marine-friendly

Green People founder Charlotte says: “Gender-bending chemicals that mimic the effect of oestrogen are common in sunscreens and these can have a dramatic effect on aquatic life and play a role in coral bleaching.” Green People don’t use chemicals that have been found to cause harm to the marine environment. Its blend of non-toxic filters guarantees broad-range UVA and UVB protection, whilst being environmentally friendly and ocean-safe.

Higher Organic Percentages

In perfecting its natural sun lotions Green People has achieved new highs in organic levels. This award-winning sun care range now uses more than 84% certified organic agricultural ingredients in all its sun lotions, setting new standards for organic sun care.

Soothing Aloe Vera at its Core

Green People uses soothing organic Aloe Vera at its core, boasting around 200 biological actives including enzymes, vitamins, minerals, super antioxidants and essential amino acids, helping to create the hydrating skin feel of these natural sun lotions.

Testing the product out

Squeezing lotion in hand, with green leaves in the background

I haven’t had much chance to head to the beach recently. But that’s no excuse to not apply sun lotion on kids!

I have dry and sensitive skin, so when I’m looking for a sun lotion, I need hydration! When I applied the lotion, admittedly it was difficult to rub in and looked like I became more scaley!

Rubbing lotion into bare arm, with leaves in the background

However, that is only short term as it eventually blends into my skin, and leaves my skin smooth and hydrated. It doesn’t leave a greasy residue like most sun lotions do, and leaves my skin soft.

arm with leaves in the background

Not only have I been able to be eco-friendly, but this is the first summer I have not been sunburnt!

You can purchase the sun lotion on the Green People’s website for £22.50.

Have you tried the product? Comment below!

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For every sale of this product, 30p will be donated to the Marine Conservation Society by Green People.

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