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“You shall go to the ball Cinders!”

Basically me at 6:38pm on the evening of 4th September 2018 as I finished work. Except with no gown or prince charming.

Soho Cinders is currently being performed at Hull Truck Theatre by Hessle Theatre Company, between 4th and 8th September 2018 at Hull Truck. Written by Stiles and Drewe, the creative minds behind Betty Blue Eyes and the new stage version of Half A Sixpence, Soho Cinders is edgy, fun and deliciously naughty set in London’s most colourful district. HEY. Bloggers were lucky enough to be invited to the opening night for Soho Cinders to write a review – and boy were we lucky!


Soho Cinders is not your typical fairy tale – if anything, it pushes the boundaries and addresses the reality we face in our day to day lives – it celebrates diversity and love. There’s no need for a glass slipper when you leave your phone, or who needs a pumpkin carriage or a fairy godmother when you have a Rickshaw, your best friend and a FABULOUS Drag Queen narrating the story?!

James Prince (Christian Brodie) and Robbie (Joe Spence)

When downtrodden Robbie (played by Joe Spence) becomes romantically involved with engaged Mayoral candidate, James Prince (played by Christian Brodie), his malicious step-sisters (Rachel Adamson and Georgina Garton) become the least of his problems! James and Robbie’s worlds collide forcing them to fight for their own fairy-tale ending in this hilarious, satirical twist on the classic Cinderella story.

Set and Lighting

Credit: Ashton Gibbs

For any production, the first thing I always notice is the set, lighting and sound (my natural instincts!). For a production which has different settings around London town, the set allows flexibility with the use of functional props, which also had a smooth transitions into each scene. The lighting created the right mood for each scene, demonstrating the emotions the characters on stage were going through – from secrecy, to love and to betrayal. Agility Events did a magnificent job throughout the production!


Every performer on stage, whether they be the main character or member of the chorus, gave it their all in the production. However there were a couple of characters who really stood out for me:

Dana and Clodagh

Dana (Rachel Adamson) and Clodagh (Georgina Garton)

The stage’s answer to Ant and Dec – the duo had the audience in stitches throughout the production. With their dirty laughs, shameless flirting and some cracking lines such as being compared to a bowling ball – their portrayal of the traditional ugly sisters with a modern twist brought the story line to life on stage. Lock up your brothers, partners and fathers – they’ll eat them alive with their flirtatious behaviours!


Robbie (Joe Spence) and Velcro (Georgia Wormald)

Robbie’s best friend makes the Fairy Godmother run for her money – being the voice of reason and with a beautiful voice, especially in “Let Him Go” with Jame Prince’s fiancee, Marilyn (Hannah Wilson). Her sense of style in her outfits throughout the production made me very jealous of her wardrobe! Plus – she deserves someone to keep a goldfish with!


William (Luke Cardwell) and Sasha (Lucy Marshall)

You know you have a good villain on stage when you take a dislike to them! A loud and obnoxious character, his behaviourism onstage instantly makes you weary of his intentions with James Prince (Christian Brodie) and the political campaign. The way William interacts with every character on stage, be it poor Sasha (Lucy Marshall) or a member of the chorus, his sleazy attitude makes your skin crawl – but that’s a good thing!

Mizz Gavinia Edwards

HEY. Bloggers (Ashton, Alex, me and Kat) with Mizz Gavinia Edwards

Being the narrator of a story is always a difficult role – but this diva pulled it off! Not only did she welcome everyone into the theatre, flirted with the fellas and join our selfie (pictured above), but she took the audience through this story – perhaps she could have been the fairy godmother – she certainly had the outfits for it!


Every song in the production either was very catchy, which had us dancing in our seats, or full of emotion. My favourite songs were “Wishing for the Normal”, “You Shall Go to the Ball” and “Let Him Go” (which I’m currently listening to on repeat!) – but the songs do not do the production justice!

My conclusion

Overall, the production gave a modern twist to a classic fairytale. But it also reminds you that love is love, and you cannot go wrong with honesty – even if people may not agree with you!

Have you seen the production? What’s your thoughts?

Until next time,


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