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Disclaimer: This subscription box was a gifted product given to me in return of a review, however all my views are of my own opinion and not of the business.

Credit: The Little Ray of Sunshine (Sian, 2020)

A few years ago, I had a subscription to “My Little Box” which was Parisian box full of different items and uplifting novelties. I loved it and was heartbroken when they no longer shipped to the UK. Since then, there’s not been a monthly subscription box that I’ve been that interested in.

When I was asked to review this box, I immediately said yes to this. Firstly, this box recognises the importance of mental health and being kind to yourself. But secondly, it’s an excellent way to promote and support local businesses.

Now that lockdown is easing but still restrictions are in place, it’s still so important to keep remembering about your wellbeing, and I think this box has some great items to help you or someone you care about.

About The Little Ray of Sunshine

The subscription box, which has the focus on mental wellness, was founded by the ever-so-lovely Sian, who has been on the search for her sunshine especially with her own wellbeing.

Sian set up the subscription box as a way to spread sunshine and love to those who are struggling to find their sunshine. This not only advocates towards mental health, but also brings an uplift of joy every month.

You can purchase a 1 month, 3 month or 6 month subscription from £20 a month, or purchase a Little Ray of Sunshine Jar for £7.00.

Lately, Sian has been leaving some boxes in the community that whoever finds it can keep it or pass it on to someone – spreading random acts of kindness!

What’s in the box?

As well as some lovely treats such as face masks, sunflower seeds, bracelet, sweets and chocolate (which being dark chocolate, J was very happy with!) the following collaborators were involved in August’s month:

Ethical House (Instagram: @ethicalhouseltd)
Two products by Ethical House amongst straw packaging

Ethical House sells a wide range of cosmetics, hair products and body care. All of which are ethical, vegan, free from nasty chemicals and at decent prices too!

In this month’s box, they included a Recharge soap. The soap is made of organise sweet orange oil, sandalwood and a natural soap base. They also included a sample of a shampoo bar too. I’ve not tried these but the smell of the soap is lovely!

Peach Panda Studio (Instagram: @peachpandastudio)
Some sunflower prints created by Peach Panda Studio, amongst straw packaging

One of my favourite local artists had some of her prints in the box which was exciting! Matching the theme perfectly for this month’s box, it included two A5 sunflower prints and a bookmark. The bookmark is currently in one of my books on my bedside!

Michael Aaron Art (Instagram: @artofmichaelaaron)
Black and white geometric print amongst straw packaging

Colouring is known to have a calming affect on people. Michael Aaron (a local tattoo artist) provided one of his designs as a postcard design that you could colour in. Mine is still a work in progress, though it’s something that is nice to have at my desk. Especially if work is getting on top of me and I need a 5 minute breather from looking at my screen!

Daisy Dreamer Digital Art (Instagram: @daisy_dreamer_digital_art)
Two stickers; 1. "You can do this", 2. "Normalise therapy", amongst straw packaging.

I’m a sucker for stickers, so I was really pleased to see these two in the box. One of them really stood out to me that it’s important to normalise therapy. I’ve been through therapy since I was a child with my anxiety, and it still has this unnecessary stigma. Therapy doesn’t make you weak – it’s an opportunity to reflect and open up in a safe environment.

OutFox Printing (Instagram: @outfoxprinting)
A disc giving a 'Little Pocket Hug' amongst straw packaging.

Founded by one of our active HEY. Bloggers community members Jennifer Gilmour and her Husband, Robin Gilmour, their business looks at graphic design, social media and printing. So I was super excited to see they were involved in this month’s box. What was really sweet was their printed disc. A little pocket hug that you can keep in your purse or on your desk.

Overall thoughts

Overall, for the contents provided in the box, I think the price of the subscription box is worth it. It’s supporting local businesses, and it has a lovely touch to this. I think this would be a lovely pick me up each month. But more importantly, this little box is giving a strong message that it’s okay to keep searching your sunshine and to look after yourself in a world of uncertainty.

What sort of things would you like to see in this box?

Until next time,

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