#SeekingSunshine During Uncertain Times

Note: #SeekingSunshine has been started by The Blurt Foundation to help others during the COVID-19 pandemic. I will include additional support at the bottom of this blog post if you are affected by current events.

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Desmond Tutu once said:

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.

This quote has never been more truer than what we’re all experiencing now.

Being self isolated and having to stay at home to do our day to day activities is not something we anticipated over a month ago. We probably have taken a lot for granted in the past and now we’re in positions we’re having to adapt to.

I’m going to be honest. I’m anxious as hell.

It’s a topic myself and my friends have discussed when we’ve seen it in the news. But now, I’m staying at home, working at home, virtually communication from home… it’s hit home.

Last week I was very tearful – high emotions and my anxiety probably were getting the best of me at times. But not being able to see loved ones was difficult. As humans, we are designed to interact physically so relying on technology and keeping a distance when you just desperately want a hug is hard.

But we have to also look out for each other, and help flatten the curve if we want to return to some normality. This also means being sensible – I’m looking at you panic buyers!

But in times like these, we can help each other with our wellness. The Blurt Foundation have a great hashtag which I love reading through on Twitter every day.


It’s simple – you list three things that have made you happy today. By sharing positive things, we’re not scaring anyone but sharing happiness during uncertain times.

What are my #SeekingSunshine moments?

For the purpose of this blog post, I’m going to share more than three moments – just little things that have been happening all week!

  • Speaking to my Mum and Grandma on Mothers Day when they received their gifts from me via Moonpig.
  • Regular check ins with friends – even if this includes sending silly TikTok videos!
  • Setting up a comfortable and peaceful work spot in my dining room to separate work life to my home life.
  • Buying Whiteboard Sheets – GAME CHANGER.
  • Listening to Josh Radnor’s Song of the Day Playlist on Spotify during the day.
  • Setting up a Discord Server for HEY. Bloggers
  • Sorting out photos in a photo album (there are some hidden gems that probably will remain hidden…)
  • Having video chats with people from work to check in, have meetings and generally have a laugh.
  • Binge watching Netflix (Can we PLEASE talk about Love is Blind?!)
  • Having a clean and tidy home (using this as an excuse for my breaks!)
  • Knowing others, especially those I hold close to my heart, who have been really poorly are getting better!
  • Being part of a local community caring for others (if you’re from Hull, check out Hull COVID-19 Mutual Aid or otherwise check to see if you have a similar group like this in your village, town or city!)
  • Seeing good news coming out such as canals in Venice becoming clearer, and Dolphins returning to the Italian coasts.
  • Finally writing my Pandora blog post.

These will continue as I continue to self-isolate and help wherever possible. But I thought while I’m sat at my laptop after a quick break, I thought I would share a blog post.

Stay safe, wash your hands and look after each other.

Until next time,


Some support services to help you

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