There’s No Place like Hull

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Credit: Ashton Jade

Disclaimer – this is a paid collaboration with the University of Hull for their student recruitment campaign during Clearing. However, as a born and bred Hull lass I’m very proud of my city and would like to invite you to explore why there really is no place like Hull.

“Home is knowing.

Knowing your mind, knowing your heart, knowing your courage. If we know ourselves, we’re always home, anywhere.”

Glinda, The Wizard of Oz

Imagine this, if you will. You’ve gone through the stormiest of weathers, and now found yourself over the rainbow – Hull.

You’re going through so many emotions on your arrival; nervous, anxious, lost and scared. But along the way, you come across the friendliest of people who help you find your way.

I live, work and study in Hull, and it has changed in so many ways for the better. As someone who loves Hull (and clearly the Wizard of Oz!), I always tell everyone who isn’t from Hull that there really is no place like Hull.

I’ve honestly had no heart’s desire to live anywhere other than Hull, but I have still had the opportunities to grow and succeed as I would anywhere else. And so can you.

So you’re not in Kansas anymore, what’s next now that you’re in Hull?

Join in on the celebrations throughout the year!

Freedom Festival

When we go big, we go big!! Every year we are the home of;

  • Freedom Festival
  • Humber Street Sesh
  • Hull Street Food Nights
  • Pride in Hull
  • Hull Fair

Every vibrant event brings thousands of people together to enjoy and discover Hull. But the fun doesn’t stop here. We have various venues that host a wide range of gigs, theatre, art and comedy.

Have a taste of the local cuisine

Credit: Vice

Pop down to the local chippy and have a taste of our patties; deep fried potato patty with sage, herbs and onions. Sprinkle on top our delicious Chip Spice and you’re on to a treat!

Ok, so it might not be of your taste. But there are plenty of eateries around Hull serving lots of tasty treats; from Humber Street to Newland Avenue.

Discover our history

Ranging back from when King Charles I was refused entry at the gates to Hull to Ronnie Pickering going viral, we’re not short of stories and legacies. Not only do we have a range of museums holding the key to our history, but we also have creative ways of telling our stories, such as Hull Truck’s adaptation of Jack Lear.

Meet new people

HEY. Bloggers Launch

One of the most important things to remember is it is not just about being in Hull, it’s who you meet along the way.

As a city, we’re very friendly. You’re guaranteed to meet a Hullensian down at Spiders, at local meet ups (such as HEY. Bloggers) and on campus. There’s always a smile as you walk around – especially when it’s a lovely sunny day! There’s also lots of opportunities to meet new people on campus; whether it is in your accommodation, attending events such as Global Cafe or joining Societies.

It might help to learn some ‘ull dialect before yer head down rerd. Check out this archived voices2005 Hull Glossary by the BBC

Credit: Ashton Jade

Want to see more reasons why there is no place like Hull? Click your heels and find out how you can grow your mind, heart and courage through Clearing at the University of Hull.

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