Five Reasons why you should consider staying in a Villa

Disclaimer: The stay in the Villa was part of a press trip organised by Violet Glenton and Bookings For You. Aside from travel, this was a gifted press trip including the stay in the Villa in return of writing a blog post. There will be direct links to the Villa providers for more information about booking.

I’m a creature of comfort. I like how I lay things out when I’m staying somewhere, and I don’t particularly like being disturbed.

After staying in a Villa in Tuscany as part of Bookings for You’s Press Trip, it has got me thinking about why I would prefer to stay somewhere private other than a Hotel if I had the chance.

When I’ve been away for work, I’ve stayed in Hotels. While the fresh bedding is a nice pro, I don’t like people going into what is temporarily my space for a period of time. Similarly, I’ve stayed in Hostels where it’s not just the staff, but other strangers in the room.

Unlike a private accommodation i.e. a villa or AirBnB, sometimes a Hotel room doesn’t have character. Unless it’s a REALLY fancy Hotel on which is on a different scale to the types of Hotel’s I’m talking about.

Here’s my top five reasons why I would prefer to stay in a villa, very much like Villa le Tornaie, instead of a Hotel.

1. It has character

The villa we stayed in had stunning features everywhere you turned; from the landscape to the details of the building and furnishings. It’s historic features, dating back to 1800’s, creates a sense of belonging while you’re in the Villa and creates a beautiful backdrop. Francesca who oversees the villa informed us that in the past, the Villa and its sister has been a host for private intimate weddings. To me, the character of the villa would enhance that sense of intimacy and tradition, particularly by bringing loved ones together.

2. It’s YOUR space

No sudden wake up calls to house keeping banging on your door with their hoover, or having to worry about the pile of clothes that has risen since you’re not happy with the outfit of the day. Instead, I can sit on the bed and read with a cup of tea with the golden glow of the sun beaming though the windows.

To me, the Villa felt like somewhere I would call home every morning when I made a cup of tea, sat outside and watched the fog sweep over the landscape.

3. No noise disturbance

With no neighbouring buildings, the Villa takes its place amongst the hills of vineyards. Even traffic was something you did not hear despite cars regularly passing to and from the village.

You’re definitely not to hear a drunk couple strolling in at all hours of the morning singing. Instead, you are soothed with the sound of crickets and wildlife, taking their comfort in nature.

4. You can cook your own meals

Because the Villa is so far out, the idea of getting a takeaway would probably cost you more. So take the opportunity to go to the local food market, grab some fresh produce and create your own Italian dish?

Alternatively, there is an option in the folder that remains in the Villa where you can opt in for cooked breakfast – though this has an additional cost!

An added bonus to this, is the Villa’s connection with its Winery. Francesca was very kind to provide its local wine on our arrival. The location of the Winery is a 15 minute drive from the Villa, and they provide local tasting opportunities of their wine and Olive Oil.

5. You can use the facilities without having to deal with strangers

Imagine swimming without having someone hog the lane next to you? Or avoiding small talk with a stranger in the steam room, when you would rather just zone out?

This was something that you’re fortunate to have in the Villa. And if you do share with someone, it is someone you know and (hopefully) like! Many a time in the Villa did myself and some of the girls put the world to right while sat in the Hot Tub, or dangling our feet in the cool waters of the pool.

Overall, I felt like I was able to relax more in the Villa than I have been able to do in Hotels. Sure, you can do what you want (to an extent) in the privacy of your own room – but it can be rather isolating being in the same space, staring at the same set of walls and boring TV. The Villa, however, gave me breathing space and an opportunity to clear my mind and truly embrace the Italian culture.

So here’s my reasons why – but why don’t you check it out for yourself?

What do you prefer? Private accommodation or hotels?

Until next time,

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