What is Normal?

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“Normal is an illusion. What’s normal for the spider is chaos for the fly.

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We’re now in week… I have no idea what week we’re in anymore.

A lot of us are looking at the future of what life will be like, not just long term but also the short term. Will lockdown be eased next week? Will I be able to visit shops? What am I going to cook this week?

The truth is, we perhaps need to look more at the long term of life after COVID-19 and what that really means for us. It’s presumptuous of us as a society to think we’re just going to carry on once we’re allowed out. With rumours being rift about the phases of lockdown, and seeing news about second waves of the virus hitting countries, I think we’re naive if we think we’re going to be back in the pub with our friends anytime soon.

There are aspects that need to be taken into consideration with current circumstances. Both from a social and economical perspective. We realise that there are things we can live without, such as Rich’s recent blog post. We also realise that we cannot live without social interaction that is just a screen. Majority of the population can be fortunate to have Zoom time with family and friends, and have fun. But this pandemic has also shown us that there is an inequality when it comes to Digital Poverty, as written in a blog post by Kira Allmann. This population not only struggle to connect virtually, but they are limited with opportunities such as social networks, work and study.

If this lockdown has taught me anything, it’s the following:

  • We’re going to embrace the small things we took advantage of beforehand; walks by the beach, hugs and being able to sit outside for a long period of time while embracing the fresh air.
  • Community means more than ever if we are going to get through this pandemic. Supporting each other wherever possible. Whether that is physically going out to the shops and getting a food shop in for those who remain at home, to being on the end of the phone to comfort a friend struggling.
  • I’ve realised what my support network really looks like. As hard as it has been on reflection, it’s also been enlightening and shown me towards some amazing people who cares for me, and I care for too.
  • Normal is boring – let’s embrace some fun and creativity in our lives! Want to do a video on TikTok for the joy of it? Hell yes! Been debating about starting that online course? Quit debating and do it!
  • Now it is really the time to finish up my dissertation. No excuses.

This pandemic has thrown a spanner in the works for a lot of us; birthdays, weddings, celebrations, holidays etc… but maybe when things do return to a state of normality we don’t carry on the same. We go full out with our celebrations. We travel further and embrace the natural beauties of the world. We hold our loved ones closer than ever before.

We’re going to be more cautious but even more empowered with life.

Until next time (and by then I will have hopefully finished my MA Dissertation…)

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  • Reply Rich

    I can’t wait to go back to normal. I usually go to the pub with my mates once a month and I’m really missing this. It’s not quite the same taking the piss out of them via WhatsApp 😂

    6 May 2020 at 6:00 pm
    • Reply emmapicks

      Me and my boyfriend were saying we miss the pub too! It’s even in the plans for when lockdown is lifted and we go away for the weekend… it has to involve the countryside and the pub!

      7 May 2020 at 9:11 am

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